ALL IN THE DETAILS: All-American Girl

Whenever I hear songs like the “Star Spangled Banner” or “America The Beautiful” I see those three iconic colors that are related with these songs: red, white and blue. These colors when put together make for some amazing parts of history. For example, the American flag. With red and blue being primary colors and white being a base color. These colors paired together make for some beautiful, fun and relaxed outfits.

This Fashionista uses these three colors in such a fun and casual way. She pairs her basic red tank top, which draws in the eye because of the bold color, with a chic pair of blue shorts with white polka-dots. She looks comfortable and ready to rock this outfit to any patriotic event. Even if this Fashionista is not going to a patriotic event she can still wear this outfit during the summer. She dresses up her outfit a little with a classic pair of wedge peep toe shoes. This Fashionista keeps it simple when comes to accessories for this outfit. She wants the colors to make her outfit shine, not the accessories.

How To: This outfit is very easy to replicate. First you have to decide what part of your outfit you want patterned—this Fashionista chose for her shorts to have a polka-dot pattern. Then, choose basic sold color for the rest of the outfit and pair it with your favorite shoe. You can dress it up with a pair of wedges or dress it down with a comfortable pair of flats.