ALL IN THE DETAILS: All About the Wrist

‘Tis a season to show off those beautifully tanned and toned (or not because to hell with socially constrained definition of beautiful) arms and of course, with any body part showing ever, accessorize away! I saw this Fashionista walk by, deeply absorbed in her music, and I was instantly blown away by how effortless she looked. Effortless, but flawless.

She was in a T-shirt dress. Nothing special—a black, cotton and loose-fitting T-shirt dress. It was paired with some slip-on sneakers, which are all kinds of in right now, if I may conclude simply and leave it at that. With a sleek ponytail, our Fashionista full on embraced the concept of simplicity, but that’s not all. Other than her big Louis Vuitton tote, which she stuffed full and was lulling around like it was nobody’s business, she let her two wrists speak for her personality (or rather scream). She sported this amazing, oversized gold watch on one hand and stacked colorful bracelet on bracelet on bracelet on bracelet (etc.) on the other. The juxtaposition between the classiness and the quirkiness was eye drawing, and I cannot imagine it working on any look other than this minimalist-to-the-bones one.

How To: Have you ever come across a bold trend or a risky fashion item/combination that you were dying to try but were scared of ending up looking a bit silly? My most important piece of advice for you is to choose one power item or trend and tone all else down. Start basic. Start with what is comfortable. On that note, if you feel comfortable in all the brightest colors in your closet all at once, go for it! What is beautiful depends on how you define it!