ALL IN THE DETAILS: All About The Wrist

Hey there, my fellow Fashionistas/os! I believe that it was Clare Boothe Luce who once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This is one of my golden rules when styling or getting ready. Generally, I like to keep my outfits simple with only a few staple accessories.

When you add too many accessories or prints to your outfit it can make it look too complex and busy. Looking over at a fellow Fashionista/o’s outfit your eye should go just up and down not all over the place, because then you don’t know what’s supposed to be the stand out. I usually avoid this problem by just adding two or three accessories so that way it doesn’t overpower my outfit. Usually I use my necklace to be the staple of my outfit.

This fellow Fashionisto has the perfect balance of prints and accessories. When doing a once over on his outfit my eye goes from the sunglasses to his Converse. Taking a closer look at his bracelet, I realized it was a bit more complex than just a simple cord. It was a silver fishhook cord bracelet from a local Forever 21; it added a lot more detail to his outfit. His outfit was definitely simple but sophisticated.

How To: Want to get this Fashionisto’s simple but cool look? Easy. Get a nice button-down with a print and colored shorts that match with one of the prints on the button-down. Add a simple bracelet and some sneakers and voila! You’re all set for a RAD day.