ALL IN THE DETAILS: All About That Back

Now that summer is in full swing, the search for classy ways to show skin has begun. While the standard shorts and tank top is an easy way to go, it might not look as nice as some other options. Sundresses have always been convenient but it can be difficult to find the perfect one for your body type. Whether the dress accentuates the wrong part of your body, is too short or is too plain, each dress you try on just isn’t the one. When it comes to a flattering shape, this outfit fit the bill perfectly.

Not only was this Fashionista’s dress in a great print for summer, but the real selling point is the back of the dress. Instead of just having a low back, it has laces that loosely tie the back together, giving a beautiful illusion of showing a lot of skin in a conservative way. The high neckline was a great contrast and was key in making the dress not too revealing. Even thought the waist isn’t purposely defined, the break in the dress where the skirt starts to flare adds just the right amount of definition.

To complete her outfit, this Fashionista added tan wedges that elongated her legs and a simple gold fortune cookie necklace.

How To: The best part about this outfit is that it takes less than a minute to put it together! Simply add a dress with a low back (another option) and some wedges to show off those legs! Light accessories are key so they don’t overwhelm the outfit.