ALL IN THE DETAILS: All About Classics

Gold jewelry is making a major comeback in the fashion world and personally, I don’t think you could ever go wrong with nice gold accessories to dress up any look. Having a really good watch or some simple bracelets is always a staple and it’s so timeless it looks great with any outfit. While this doesn’t have to cost you every penny you own, having a nice looking watch can make you seem very put together (even though you might have gotten ready in a total of 10 minutes).

Other pieces of jewelry to compliment your gorgeous timepiece are also a must. To balance out the rest of your outfit without looking like you’re wearing every accessory in your jewelry box, just remember that old saying everyone’s grandmother has said about perfume, “a little goes a long way.”

Whether you’re going to dinner for a girls night or just trying to look a little nicer for class, wearing some good jewelry can take your look from frump to fab in seconds. Colored bracelets or dangly earrings are another great way to brighten up any look, but for those of us who just love our few staples of gold jewelry, simple bangles or a nice wrap bracelet will do the trick. When you are looking through your accessory drawer at home it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit in mind. A helpful tip is to match your jewelry to your outfit as the last step before you conquer the day. This ensures that if you are mixing in some colors, they are well complemented.

This Fashionista completed her look with a solid black v-neck shirt, patterned vest, black distressed denim jeans and solid black booties. These items really work together to help her accessories pop!

How To: If jewelry is out of your comfort zone for a daily outfit, save it for a time when you want to go the extra mile to wow the crowd. Pick out your jewelry last to match your outfit. Remember that you don’t need a lot to look fabulous and put together!