ALL IN THE DETAILS: All About Accessories

The perfect way to dress up or down an outfit is all about the accessories. Accessories may be the easiest way to add something extra to an outfit. There are so many types of accessories too! The summer is the perfect time really show off cute accessories. Being outside more in the sun, sunglasses are a cute and useful way to add something more.

The accessories this Fashionista is wearing with this outfit is so spot on! I can’t get over the black hat; it really pulls everything together. A hat is such a fun and easy way to jazz up any outfit. Paired with the hat are the cutest sunglasses. The wide, circular frame brings back more of that ‘70s feel to this whole outfit! Her rings, earrings and bracelets are all in a gold color scheme, which works really well with the color of her floral pants.

This Fashionista definitely knows how to style her floral pants. Pairing them with a solid color makes the pants really stand out more. She chose all-black for a sleeker look. The black crop top works perfectly with the high-waisted pants and the black hat. To finish the outfit off, she is wearing a pair of platform sandals. The gold on the platform accents the gold in the accessories so well. These type of sandals are really big right now and brings a nice touch to this outfit!

How To: Try wearing an outfit you love and feel fabulous in. Then see how many types of looks you can make by playing with fun and different accessories. This is the best way to wear outfits over again but also changing it up a little bit.