ALL IN THE DETAILS: Admired Accessorizing

At the start of the new semester, most of us are waking up in a warm bed accompanied by the oh too familiar alarm bells blasting through our ears and the dreadful thought of walking to class. Frustrated at to the lack of stylish outfits because of cold weather, most college students would rather carry their blankets, paired with fuzzy slippers, through campus. Personally, I have found it difficult to find a balance of stylish clothes that fit into the practicality of dressing for frostbite temperatures. As things seem to only be getting colder and colder here in Happy Valley, I couldn’t help but notice this Fashionista’s polished ensemble and fire-like hair, contrasting perfectly with the light falling snow. Focused on staying warm, but not losing her personal style, she orchestrated a basic jeans, boots and shirt outfit tied with stylish accessories that radiated a preppy All- American feel.

Asking this Fashionista about her personal style, she states “I really like neutrals and simple things with one standout piece.” As an English literature major, she dove into the narrative behind her outfit, explaining that her golden watch and ring were given to her by her grandmother. Along with such a precious heirloom, this Fashionista expressed that the maroon floral scarf wrapped around her neck was a gift that traveled all the way from Ukraine. Having such personal pieces adds depth and history to an outfit, showing that the clothes are not always the storytellers. Accessories are the secondary characters that truly make all the difference. Pulling the look together, a wool black peacoat serves as a clean background to the highlight the small details. Finally, a beautiful black and leather purse has all the room of a backpack without the added bulk. Together with vintage jewelry, a luscious scarf and fresh makeup, this outfit demonstrates that details matter.

How To: This Fashionista had a clean canvas outfit that’s easy to replicate on any campus. To take the look to the next level try splashing in unique or vintage accessories featuring your own personal style. To get her look, hunt around for accent pieces that hold special meaning to you. Therefore, when creating an outfit, think, “What is the Story I want to share?”