ALL IN THE DETAILS: Adding is the Key

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Adding is the Key

Dressing for a specific event can often be easier than for an everyday outfit. It can be challenging trying to find that medium between feeling comfortable and casual but also stylish and confident. I have recently discovered that it is the attention to detail, which is the key when trying to find what to wear on a day-to-day basis. While plain colors and lack of patterns are the easy escape route, your outfit has no life to it.

It’s time to sweat the small stuff. Stop saying less is more and start thinking the more the better! Sometimes over-accessorizing does work. Even adding a hint of detail makes you look and feel 10 times better, whether that means teaming your favorite striped skirt with some colorful accessories or a graphic print—that is all it takes.

This Fashionista was spotted behind campus in a popular lane of Melbourne’s inner Central Business District. Her attire was chic and daring. The base of the outfit starts with a black dress, nothing “oh so special,” until I saw the detailing on the back. It flattered her in all the right places. With a chained strap link on the back of the dress, this was more than just another little black dress. She embraced a Japanese graphic design bomber jacket with red lining on the inside of it. The touch of color and graphic print adds a fashionable element to the predominately black outfit. This eye-catching combination of the dress paired with the bomber jacket and leather ankle boots made her really stand out on campus. This Fashionista wasn’t afraid to be bold with her outfit choice. The most interesting and drawing detail of all is the beautifully crafted ankle boots. The cutout heel encased in shiny silver is a small yet effective feature of the whole outfit, adding that extra something instead another boring old black boot. Not only was the addition of three minor details the key to her stylish look but also an appropriate one to dress for all four seasons in one day.

So to all my Fashionistas out there, March calls for a month to forget the rules for a moment and have some fun with what’s in your wardrobe. Next time you go to wear another simply plain outfit that lacks detail, let this Fashionista inspire you and get creative. Take on board her tips with how to work an outfit detail—or two, or three, or more—into your next look!