ALL IN THE DETAILS: Add Some Texture

When winter weather takes a turn for the worse, it can seem impossible to incorporate skirts and dresses into your weekly outfits. When the temperatures dip, my eyes glide right past the skirt and dress section of my closet because I never think they will look quite as good as they do in the spring or summer months. I always end up throwing on a pair of fleece-lined leggings and running out the door, hoping that I won’t have to endure the cold for too long.

That all changed when I passed this Fashionista walking to class. Her outfit contradicted everything I said about dressing up in the winter months. The secret ingredient she added to her outfit was textured tights. By adding texture, this otherwise boring cold weather necessity becomes the focal point of the look. The polka-dot printed tights add dimension to her outfit that regular tights would have left flat.

She paired her textured tights with a plain white T-shirt and a swinging black skater skirt. The look was topped off with a pair of black, heeled booties and a pop of color in her printed scarf. This Fashionista showed an easy and fun way of adding some printed tights to a basic look. This simple change can amplify almost any outfit you choose!

How To: Have some warm weather staples you want to incorporate into your winter wardrobe? Have no fear! Just add some cool printed tights to any dress, skirt or even shorts to make it cold weather appropriate. Top off the look with some boots and a scarf and you are ready to face the harsh winter.