2016 is the year to be loud in everything you do. Whether you are back at school for a new year, getting an extra degree, or travelling abroad to further your horizons, be sure to develop your wardrobe as well. A new year always calls for new habits and a new you. Be sure to make it count in all the right ways!

In this look this fashionisto is sure to not shy away from anything that comes his way. Paying tribute to the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s and showing no remorse. The best advice is to rock an era like it is your own. I’ve always been drawn towards retro vintage, and this is the male version of just that.

When you do have a moment to look down at your feet, you want to be comfortable yet still fashionable enough to carry on. Men’s loafers are making big waves this year. They are the perfect fit between casual and comfortable, while still managing to look #RAD with any outfit.

With a kick butt pair of shoes, a loud shirt can also express your mood of the day. Say goodbye to black and white V-necks and say hello to vibe changing T-shirts. Nothing expresses your busy day more than a shirt that says everything for you, allowing you to keep your focus on that part-time job or full-time school work load.

Last but not least, every student needs at least one pair dope sunnies.. or five, but who’s counting. New year, new me (that’s what I’ve heard) so I might as well upgrade the sunnies, as well. If you’re crammed with work you might as well look good doing it, right?

How To: Too scared to pull off a loud T-shirt? Not to worry. You can get this look by trying out different shoe colours. These loafers also come in brown and red; keep it simple up top and loud on your feet!