ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accolade to Accessories

Function, comfort and style are three major pluses of a well-chosen outfit; these elements are also essential for a balanced choice in accessories. While many of us might consider them simple additions that offer an aesthetic benefit, there is so much more to these objects. Used for self-expression and utility, they are the antidotes for a bland outfit.

This Fashionista, spotted nearby a mall in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is the epitome of wise sartorial combinations. Staying true to the demands of the warm season, she wears a coral summer dress that she accessorizes adroitly. Her silver necklaces add a bit of metallic spark to the outfit; this metallic charm is also translated into her black KORS Michael Kors flat sandals. Sticking to a dichromatic black and white pairing for her main accessories, the bag and the shoes, she also chooses a white Ralph Lauren tote embellished with golden details that stay consistent with the golden of the sandals. Her striped watch brings playfulness to the ensemble; her relaxed, wavy hair and the lack of make-up are also refreshing choices.

How To: In order to imitate the smart combination of accessories that our Fashionista displays, one needs to think about chromatics, comfort and style. Accessories are not supposed to bulk up, but rather to complement sartorial choices, so it is recommended to choose simple styles and to not deviate from the color palette of the outfit. Gold and silver jewelry brings a nice spark and spacious bags and comfortable flats are functional and complementary. In the end, accessories are not supposed to be simple additions; they are the details that make you stand out.