ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessorizing Winter

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessorizing Winter

Slowly, spring is approaching and campus is warming up. Now is the perfect time to show off your winter wardrobe without a bulky parka in the way—especially after the holiday season, when everyone wants to wear their latest finds without worrying about frostbite. This Fashionista is definitely not taking the warmer temperatures for granted by shedding a few layers of gloves, scarves, and jackets to show off her chic look. 

Personally, I believe accessories give winter outfits an edge. Accessories can transform a comfy sweater into an ultra chic piece by just layering on necklaces or throwing on a hat, like this Fashionista did. Also, hats can double as not only an accessory but a way to hide bed-head for those running late to class. In this look, she paired her trendy distressed jeans and forest green sweater with a wide-brim floppy hat and a cute leather backpack filled with necessities like textbooks and a staple lip color.

The slightly warmer temperatures are allowing all of us to ditch the winter boots and start wearing more fashionable choices. I would recommend styling outfits with cute ankle boots before the real heat arrives and the transition to sandals begins. Our Fashionista chose chunky heeled Chelsea boots, which gave this artsy look a sophisticated vibe. The extra couple inches of height can give anyone a confidence boost and the mood of conquering the day before them!

So, I can not stress it enough, but do not let winter dampen your fashion creativity! Now is the perfect moment to explore and try on different accessories to spice it up.