ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories That Make An Outfit

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian and have a weekly wardrobe rotation (all approved by Kanye, of course), picking a different outfit for every day of the week is, well, impossible. You will literally drive yourself crazy and into deep, deep debt if you try to wear new items or outfits every day. Thankfully, this is what accessories are for. Accessories allow you to re-wear certain items while showing off a totally new look at the same time. Whether it be a scarf, statement necklace, new sunnies or Soludos, these additions will allow you to change up your ensemble while still staying on budget.

I spotted this Fashionista while on a beach stroll and just had to ask her to pose pretty for me. I mean, look at those accessories! Shoes, scarf, sunnies—everything about her look screams “details!” While still keeping cozy in casual beach pants and a white lace-embellished T-shirt, this Fashionista adds style to her step with the cutest coconut and lime Soludos. She also proves that scarves are not just a winter accessory and can be warn appropriately on the beach too. Her purple reflective sunglasses allow the similar shade in her scarf to pop as well.

How To: Next time you’re heading to the beach on a not-so-sunny beach day, give this Fashionista’s outfit a go. If you’re looking to cuddle up under a towel, try a slouchy beach pant and simple top. Incorporate simple additions such as a summer scarf, statement sunnies, cute beach shoes or a light jacket to keep you snug and top it all off.