ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories for the Win

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories for the Win

It is always a nice surprise when the sun comes out and replaces the gloomy clouds on campus. The beautiful weather allowed this Fashionista a chance to ditch her rain jacket and display her style that would usually hide behind other layers of clothing. Even though this Fashionista is wearing a basic white T-shirt, other accessories from her necklace to her belt bring the outfit together and make it unique. It can be easy to over accessorize, but she balanced out the accessories throughout her outfit which prevents it from being overwhelming.

One of my favorite pieces of this outfit are the Levi’s jeans. Not only do I love the wash and style of the jeans, but I especially love how the jeans have fringe at the ankles. Since she wore a simple top, the detail in her jeans spice up the outfit and makes it stray away from a “simple” look. Along with her high-waisted jeans, a belt was a perfect accessory to add because it was clearly visible. It also added texture and pattern to a neutral outfit. She also paired her belt with a silver choker and hoop earrings. The simple necklace balances out this Fashionista’s oversize earrings. Even though she is wearing multiple types of accessories, each accessory complements one another because of the size and placement throughout her outfit.

This Fashionista paired her outfit with a simple, black bag that had chains as shoulder straps. The bag had a fun twist with a red scarf tied around it to add color to her outfit which also made the bag go from simple to chic. Along with her bag, I love her classic shoe choice of wearing Vans. Since she had multiple accessories, it was key that she chose simple shoes so that they wouldn’t take away from the small details in her outfit.

The glimpse of sun that we saw on campus made me excited to see what other Fashionista/os will be wearing this spring!