ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories For A Hot Summer Day

I love maxi skirts and dresses; they keep you covered up and don’t cling to your skin like jeans or leggings. Clingy clothing can be a problem on a hot day because it multiplies the sweat factor by 100, and that’s not cool. It can be hard to wear maxi pieces when you’re a petite girl; some pieces just swallow you. This girl, however, had the right idea. She paired her maxi dress with comfortable wedges by TOMS shoes. Take note, petite gals; we can do it too!

Even though it felt like the Sahara that day, this Fashionista looked cool and collected as she floated around campus in her pretty, paisley, blue maxi dress. She showed off enough skin with double spaghetti straps and showed off a little shape with a cinched waist. The dress also had some ruffle detail at the neckline. Again, the wedges hidden underneath made the dress look like the perfect length for her.

What really made this look was her accessories! Her orange Prada bag was a show stopper. The orange is a beautiful and unique color. You don’t see many orange bags. Like the dress, it didn’t oversize her, yet fit her frame nicely. The weather appropriate sun hat and sunglasses go well with the dress. I’m telling you, it was extremely hot that day and the sun hat and sunglasses probably shielded her a little from the sun’s rays. These accessories are pretty important for the summer whether or not you have sensitive skin! Finally, this Fashionista added delicate jewelry to go with her outfit. She had a necklace with three rhinestones and matching earrings with the same rhinestones. She also wore a gold watch and gold rings.

How To: Put on a maxi dress or skirt, and pair it with a statement bag. Add a cute summer hat and sunglasses.