ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories, Baby

April 3rd, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories, Baby

Welcome to spring in Florida, where the weather plays tricks on everyone. One week it will feel like summer, but the next the temperature will be in the 40s. That makes dressing for class a challenge. The weather in the morning may be drastically different from the weather when classes are done for the day.

This Fashionisto chose the perfect look for the unpredictable spring weather. The warmth of his outfit will keep him comfortable all day. His striped turtleneck is stylish and comfortable enough to wear outside or in air-conditioned lecture halls. If you look closely at the neck, you’ll see the Supreme logo embroidered. This detail and his other accessories make the outfit pop.

His glasses are bold and give him the perfect look for studying. They also help him see important presentations in class and where he’s going. His skull ring adds flair.

His white socks make the look unique: while they can unintentionally look like an old man, this Fashionisto works them into the black-and-white theme of his outfit. He finishes his look with Dr. Martens, which always make a statement.

Even though this look is simple, the details bring it to the next level. It’s important to always remember to complete your outfit with accessories. A watch or statement pair of sneakers can do wonders for an outfit that may otherwise be plain.

If you wanted to recreate this look, you could add a colorful bomber jacket to stay warm during a cool morning which would make the outfit your own.