ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Whole Latte Love

Everybody loves a good graphic T-shirt. Graphic tops have the ability to express so much, even from the simplest of designs. However, the world of graphic design clothing extends even further from the conventional graphic T-shirt or sweatshirt. From graphic skirts to maxi dresses, the possibilities are truly endless. Graphics can give any article of clothing that comfy and casual feel, which is perfect for these winter months.

This Fashionista did just this as she rocked this navy blue maxi dress with a Starbucks graphic print. Now, you can wear your drink and drink it, too! To keep up with the blue color scheme, she paired it with a faded denim jacket, which is cropped at the waistline to give it more definition. Her thinly striped ankle socks kept her ankles warm with a cutesy flair. She then wore a pair of snakeskin print slip-on sneakers, which are perfect for trekking up and down the endless amounts of stairs on campus.

Clearly, it never hurts to think outside of the conventional box and explore different modes of styles. This Fashionista really showed us that with graphic designs, anything can go. With whatever graphics you choose, from the cheeky and bold to the cute and simple, you can easily express yourself and quite literally make a statement. Your style should know no boundaries, so don’t ever let yourself feel restricted by conventional uses of fashion!

How To: Have a favorite quote or image? Try it out on a graphic maxi dress or skirt.