ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Timeless Touch

As a gal with an impregnable vulnerability for all things posh and elegant, Burberry has always been one of my timelessly revered companies. Their price tags, however—not so much. One too many times, I have longingly picked up one of their iconic cashmere scarves and, taking one glance at their price tag, have wistfully and reluctantly put it back in its place. However, spotting this Fashionista on the quad donning a replication exemplary of Burberry’s trench and scarf look instantly arrested my attention and approval. Her modernistic and clean-cut vibe directly reminded me of the signature look, a vibrantly youthful take on classic British style.

In 1856, Burberry’s acclaimed invention of gabardine, a method of weaving fabric (either wool or cotton) together into a rainproof sequence, made the spotlight in fashion breakthroughs. Since then, gabardine has proved its worth in the ultimate arctic temperatures of the real world, when Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen used Burberry equipment to conquer the South Pole. Since the raincoat/trench style boasts slimmer and more elementary silhouettes, they are far more glamorous alternatives for braving the nipping winds of Illinois, as exhibited by this Fashionista. The popularity of trench coats hasn’t waned since they were introduced. Today, they are still considered a halfway point between elegance and sportswear. Furthermore, when Burberry introduced the iconic Nova Check pattern—a tartan pattern on a tan background—in 1920 as a coat lining, it gained esteem as a sign of luxury and opulence in coats and scarves. The Nova Check scarf has since thrived enveloping fashionable necks all over the world.

This Fashionista’s weatherproof coat is quintessential of all the elements of the emblematic style without breaking the bank. The fundamentals of her ensemble lie in the cleverly understated details of the getup. The subtle buckles in her coat give the entire piece its slenderizing shape while the belt in the center cinches her waistline as the focal point. The look is voluminous yet structured, thus making it an instant style statement. Most predominantly, when paired with Burberry’s epochal cashmere scarf featuring the iconic check, the entirety of the outfit comes to embody a classic replication of Burberry’s contemporary avant-garde flair. As a brand that exudes luxury, finding reproductions paradigmatic of the opulent neoteric style while going easy on the wallet is definitely relieving and inspirational.

How To: How to layer winter outfits without looking bulky? Balance proportions. If the outerwear is voluminous, keep your bottom half sleek and elementary. Balance cumbersome and unwieldy textures of your outerwear with luxe and supple textures like satin, silk or cashmere.