ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Spoonful Of Style

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, there are many options. The new year is a great time for starting anew, cleaning and throwing away the old unused things we have collected. In a time when recycling and lowering our output of waste is important to society, repurposing instead of throwing away might be the solution.


Whether you live in an old house in which generations have passed through and collected various forgotten treasures or if you live in a dorm, there’s bound to be mismatched silverware in the kitchen drawers. These orphaned items often have interesting architectural details or detailed engravings, and it is just sad to throw them out. Grab those spoons, and make earrings or pendants out of them!


This Fashionista is a master of reviving old unused items. She wears earrings that were made from spoon handles. Her wall-hanging tapestry has been repurposed and given new life as a scarf.  Her old sweater that is hidden under her vest is reborn by being worn inside out. She not only looks trendy, but she also shows off her whimsical ingenuity, and does her part to save the planet. How inspiring! The list of items that can be repurposed with a bit of imagination is endless, and if you don’t have the time to make it yourself, there are plenty of items available for sale to give the same look.  Here is a great pair of spoon-handle flower engraved earrings, recycled scarves made out of sari silk, bracelets made from recycled rubber, fair trade recycled glass earrings and bags made from recycled seat belts.


How To: A new interesting scarf is waiting for you amongst your sarongs, or lurking in the cabinet full of old tablecloths. That old sweater that is looking a bit ratty on the outside might be a treasure when turned inside out. Don’t be afraid to layer and look for interesting details. Whether you want to create a new bracelet out of mismatched buttons or buy a creation from a designer who recycles, your new look can be positive for the environment.