ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Spoonful of Sportiness

One of the most challenging looks to pull off in fashion is the casual, sporty look in its many forms. We all have that pair of sneakers we slip on when we press snooze too many times in the morning, and that go-to baseball cap for those days of uncooperative hair. These items often become our scapegoats, taking the burden of our laziness or poorly planned wardrobe days. But, if treated with care, they have the potential to spice up an outfit in a fresh, sporty way.

This Fashionista perfectly executes this look, and knows exactly how to tie those accessories in with the rest of her outfit. The distressed black denim and the shoulder cutouts of the turtleneck start the look out on a modern and hip note. She contrasts the all the black with the light blue denim jacket she has tossed over her shoulder, ready to give her an extra layer of warmth while accentuating the main pieces.

The real spotlight here, however, is on the smaller details. Not only does she make use of those everyday sneakers, but she does so in a skilled and seemingly effortless way. The baseball cap plays on the sportiness of the shoes and brings the outfit an even cooler vibe with the tiny heart graphic on the front.

Sneakers and baseball caps are pieces that pretty much all of us own. It’s time to put them to good use. Taking these accessories and pairing them with casually cool pieces such as denim or a t-shirt dress can give you a laid back look that you’ll want to wear all the time, for the comfort, the coolness, and the compliments.