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ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Splash of Color

ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Splash of Color

Valentine’s Day is over, so pink and red may be littering your closet like a plague. However, the colors don’t go out of style as soon as the holiday season ends. Light pinks and reds are great colors for the end of winter and the start of spring, and they allow your style the ability to transition with a lot of creative control.

Color itself is a great way to bring the little details out of your outfits. Tying this Fashionisto’s colors together in the details of his hat, button-down, and watch that adds a touch of spring to an outfit ready for the end of a Texas winter.

The button-down shirt is what drew me in to the look. Although not usually considered a detail, the subtlety of the color and its pairing with minimal other accessories helps make it stand out. The color itself becomes a detail when used in this way. Using a color as a detail allows you to thread it through your outfit, creating a more cohesive and well-balanced look.

The light blue denim hat ties little bits of red into its lettering as well. Along with a catchy and fun slogan, the hat uses the color sparingly to allow coordination with many different colors. However, this Fashionisto’s choice of pink in his shirt make the red dots more noticeable. The light blue of his hat also matches well with the shirt, allowing for an interesting combination of pastels.

The color of your accessories can also help to bring out the little details, so don’t forget to match your gold and silver as well! This Fashionisto’s gold watch actually pulls the whole look together, by bringing balance to the light pink and allowing for the dark brown shoes to match. The subtle gold of the watch ties all the different colors together and pops against the background of the pink button-down.

The details of your outfit are extremely important, but the colors of those details allow your style to go up another level.