ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Signature Piece

December 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Elton John and Pharrell Williams, two totally different musicians that may make you wonder why I categorized them together. Some of you may even predict a new collaboration. As awesome as that sounds, I do not know of any new songs that will cater to our ears. Anyways, to get down to the point, both musicians have signature accessories that people instantly recognize. From the spontaneous glasses to the full fedora, these accessories are distinctive and a part of their personal brand. When discussing accessories, we tend to focus on the temporary compliments and forget about the possible long-term benefits. By discovering this Fashionisto here at CMU, I was reminded that signature styles are not only exclusive to the famous.

I usually spot this Fashionisto on a regular basis on my way to class and his eyewear constantly steals my attention. His double lenses are not only hip, but also provide a double function that Transition Lenses can’t touch. Doubled lens have been dormant for too long and it is time for a full comeback!

These signature glasses strongly promote a self branding for this Fashionisto, which is incredibly important in our future careers. Signature pieces are vital, because it is something that no one else can pull off but yourself. It is simply a tangible extension of your RAD personality.

It is obvious that his eyewear steals the attention, but his outfit also displays an undeniable rhythm. From his earth toned leather jacket to his Timberlands, the colors synchronize so well that it outshines the natural fall colors. In addition, he is wearing an olive colored tunic with a pair of khaki pants. The graceful combination of this outfit sets a pair of khakis on the path to reach their full potential.

For a background check, this Fashionisto is a Communication major with a Broadcast and Cinematic Arts minor. With those two concentrations his goal is to work A&R (Artist and Repertoire) for Interscope Records. Producer, Pharrell Williams better watch out because there will be a new Fashionisto in the music industry.

How To: Turn temporary accessories into something people will know you for. Signature pieces aren’t restricted to eye wear; it can be any accessory your heart desires.