ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Play on Texture

August 9th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Play on Texture

While most aim to return to the basics this summer with simple looks, nothing says standing out like playing with texture.

The challenging part is trying to make the outfit unique. The way each Fashionista/o brings different textures and patterns to an outfit exemplifies a Fashionista’s own sense of style and understanding of material.

To spice up any simple outfit a pop of suede, lace, and organza is a start. These textures bring a new dimension to this Fashionistas normal everyday appearance. Rather than simply following the monochromatic trend, a pop of orange and fuchsia in this Fashionista’s organza kimono sets the outfit.

The Fashionista pairs her cream and lace scalloped shorts with a sheer cotton crop top. This look creates an edgy spin on a makeshift romper. Let’s not forget this Fashionista’s suede wedges and grunge element she brings with her collection of rings. One detail to be admired is some of the patterns on this Fashionista’s rings resemble the shapes on her kimono, tying together the whole outfit.

The challenge of straying from a plain outfit is to take chances. The mix of textures in this ensemble allows this Fashionista to stand out in the best way possible. Whether you are running errands around the city or grabbing brunch with your BFFs you are sure to be confident and daring in this chic outfit.

How To: to transition this outfit from daytime to evening wear simply ditch the kimono for brightly colored pumps, a small clutch and some chunky jewelry!