ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Nice Handbag is All You Need

July 27th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Nice Handbag is All You Need

My grandmother once told me that if you have a quality handbag to go with your everyday outfit nobody will know whether your clothes are from a nice department store, or picked up from a trendy thrift store. Having a love for handbags, this piece of advice has stuck with me over the years, and has even led to my growing obsession with quality purses. Coming across this Fashionista I was reminded why I have such a love for purses, they really do complete your entire outfit while also being a must have item.

This Fashionista already knows what it means to have a sense of style by rocking her boyfriend jeans to create an overall classy look, but the touch of the black handbag brings the outfit to a whole new level. The additional strap to the bag allows for the change of setting, whether out shopping with friends and needing space to carry the new purchases, or held by the shorter strap for a more professional look. The all black satchel with gold accents allows for a timeless piece which can go with almost any outfit.

A Fashionista who knows how to dress and make each piece fit together perfectly is in my key inspiration to follow. The ripped boyfriend jeans paired with a black and snakeskin kitten toe heel is perfect for a casual workday. The blush pink of the T-shirt creates a casual touch in relation to the kitten heel, and the pointed rim of the sunglasses. With only a few key pieces, this Fashionista brought a minimalist attitude to her style without trying to hard. Of course, a handbag never fails to add one last great touch to an outfit.

How To: Want to create a minimalist, yet stylish look similar to this Fashionista? The solution is quick and easy to solve. Find a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and a slouchy T-shirt to pair with your best heeled shoe. Once you have the basics down, pair the look with your best handbag and favorite pair of stylish sunglasses. Your look is now perfect for a morning brunch with friends.