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ALL IN THE DETAILS: A New Sort of Bow Tie

As the weather begins to warm up for the summer, I can’t help but feel like my style is a little too underwhelming for the atmosphere of the season. Yet, when I attempt to spice up a look, I just end up with something that seems overdone. So, when I spotted this Fashionista’s perfectly accessorized look, I was in awe. After talking with her and examining her outfit more closely, I was reminded how sometimes less is more.

Sometimes, too many statement articles of clothing can become too overwhelming and can feel like you’re drowning. So why struggle to put together those crazy print pants and fringe shirt when you can glam up a simple T-shirt and pants with only a few pieces of jewelry? The key to this Fashionista’s outfit is her clever placement of jewelry. She places two different bracelets on the same arm, but spaced out as well as a unique shaped necklace peaking out from the shirt collar as if it is a new sort of bow tie. The pieces are quite cohesive as if they are from a single collection and make this look that much easier to obtain.

How To: In order to recreate this look for yourself, choose three or four pieces of jewelry that are similar enough in color, shape, etcetera that they could almost be considered a collection. Next, just get creative and try placing the jewelry in places you may not have thought of before! If your shirt has a collar, definitely try the bow tie look. If your shirt has a neat arm cuff, try adding a bracelet there. The possibilities are endless and half the fun of this simple look is experimenting!