ALL IN THE DETAILS: A New Kind Of Platform

January 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

While I have never had a problem with this, standing at 5’8” and towering over my friends, many girls wish they were a bit taller. I have also never heard of or looked into plastic surgery for height enhancement. And although pumps and strappy heels are fun to dress up in and go out for a night on the town, they are not exactly the most convenient footwear (especially during winter in Michigan).

So for all you girls wishing for a little better view while walking out there on campus or are just looking to raise the bar when it comes to your daily outfits, it is definitely time to check out the “hidden heel”. This is a shoe that looks like a high-top sneaker but has been engineered by some sort of fashion genius to conceal, that’s right, a high heel. The great thing about these shoes too is that the heel isn’t super obvious. It is disguised in the high-top portion of the shoe. Any wedged heel is automatically my choice over clunky platforms and mile high stilettos. This style of shoe is great for everyday wear but can also be dressed up for evenings. Much cuter than basketball shoes, but more comfortable than any heel–this sporty-glam shoe is a must-have.

This Fashionista chooses to match her new favorite pair of sneaker-heels with brightly colored jeans and a funky sweater. With its soft sheep-like texture, yet contrasting grunge zippers, this sweater is a fun statement piece. A vintage leather purse and a classic leather watch make for excellent additions to this quirky outfit.

How To: Available in so many different styles, these sporty shoes look great with jeans and leggings. Want to make your legs look miles long? Try them with a dress or short shorts.