ALL IN THE DETAILS: A New And Evolved Maxi

Maxi Dresses have been a famous trend in the summer for a while now. However, with every new season, a trend is bound to change in some way. Maxi Dresses have evolved in many ways since it first made its way into the stores. Either the style or the design of it has changed. In this case, this Fashionista’s maxi dress embraces both changes.

This Fashionista’s maxi dress is a perfect example of a trend evolving as a new season starts. This maxi dress embraces not only a new style, but a new design as well. The way it’s styled and cut brings a new edge to maxi dresses. It’s not just the boring even-length dress anymore. The print of this maxi dress also brings this trend a new look to it. It doesn’t cover the whole dress, and only covers the end of the dress and outlines the cut of it. This makes the maxi dress more simplistic. However, it still manages to be fun with its colorful tribal print.

This Fashionista completes her outfit by wearing white sandals and gold earrings, both of which do not take the attention away from the maxi dress. Minimalizing your accessories is essential when it comes to wearing a maxi dress since it’s already an eye-catching piece of clothing. Sometimes less is more, and a Fashionista/o should always know when an outfit becomes too busy.

How To: If you ever want to rock a newly evolved trend like this maxi dress and grab everyone’s attention, you can always wear one at a restaurant or a night out! Just make sure the maxi dress is the sole focus of your outfit, and keep the accessories to a minimum!