ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Military Affair

Summer is well underway in Chicago, and I have been taking advantage of the lovely weather by exploring undiscovered parts of the city, as well as frequenting my favorite spots. This week, I scoured the streets of Belmont for stylish individuals to stalk and gawk over.

This Fashionista exudes undeniable cool in a vintage Hawaiian shirt paired with black cut-off shorts. I have always thought of Hawaiian print shirts as something of a novelty, only seen on the decks of family cruise ships or on the boardwalks of touristy beach destinations. However, by choosing a simple patterned, dichromatic version—instead of a heavily printed, multicolored one—this Fashionista manages to make the piece look stylish. Her army style backpack adds dimension to the outfit, giving it a utilitarian feel, while her brown Dr. Martens tie together the military notes of the look.

The shirt, backpack and combat boots are each statement pieces that can be worn individually to add a cool, military vibe to any outfit. Wearing the three statement pieces in one outfit may seem like a fashion blunder, but this Fashionista manages to pull off the combination without making it look like a costume.

How To: Duplicate this look by incorporating the three statement pieces in your outfit. Experiment with more modernly cut Hawaiian shirts— here is a cropped version, and a sleeveless version that I love. Try a bucket bag instead of a backpack, or play with taller combat boots. For a more feminine adaptation, go with a skirt or a pair of shorts in white, and switch the boots with a pair of chunky sandals.