The best season of all has finally arrived—fall. This time of year is really gorgeous, especially in Buffalo. Along with the change of weather, comes the revival of a few of my favorite seasonal things. Pumpkin spice lattes make a yummy comeback. It becomes acceptable to have cinnamon flavored everything again. No one looks too hard at the giant bag of candy corn I begin to carry around (because it’s just that good).

Fall is also the best time for fashion, in my opinion. I love the dark colors that we wear that reflect the changing leaves. I love that I get to wear boots constantly. I also love layers. Because who wouldn’t want to wear multiple layers of garments at once?

This Fashionisto also has an appreciation for this season and what we can wear during it. He chose to dress up his cozy orange V-neck sweater by wearing a white button-down shirt underneath. The dark brown buttons on his shirt provide contrast to the white fabric. It is very noticeable, and it complements the leather cuff worn on his left wrist. I love this piece of jewelry because it is bold enough in its own right, but it also goes very well with the entire outfit. Slim-fit khaki pants are worn that end right above the ankle, allowing us to view my favorite part of this outfit—the shoes.

These basket weave loafers work so great with this outfit. Worn without socks, they help give this preppy schoolboy look a laid back, island twist. They are comfortable to wear around campus, and are the perfect shoes to wear when the weather isn’t very hot anymore, but not too cold either. While they are almost the same color as the khaki pants, the texture allows them to remain distinct and very stylish on their own.

How To: Find a pair of loafers that work for you. Pair them with a pair of formal pants to dress up your look and add a vintage twist.