ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Little Taste of Merlot

It’s no secret that the T-shirt dress serves as one of the most versatile pieces around. Not only is it super comfortable, but it can also be worn on any occasion, and throughout any season. As the temperature continues to drop, we habitually revert to our leggings as a staple to our winter wardrobe; however, those aren’t the only things we can wear during the cold weather.

The sweater dress shown on the Fashionista above, like a T-shirt dress, is both comfortable and stylish. This dress is simple but not to simple. There’s a fine line between simple and bland. The stripes add character to this dress, and also a sense of balance. Worn with these rich, burgundy colored tights, you’ll be able to stay nice and warm! This outfit is perfect for going out in the city, shopping or even heading to class!

As with any outfit, accessories are what incorporate detail and bring out personality. No matter how minute, accessories make a statement. This Fashionista wears a loop scarf, and a simple necklace, which is what captures a viewer’s attention. Despite its size, this necklace adds more color variations to this outfit and picks up the burgundy colored tights and booties! These bold colored booties really make a statement and tie the outfit together. To top it off, this Fashionista also wears a quilted faux leather cross-body bag. This quilted material really adds quality and carries out the overall theme of the outfit—classy and chic.

Accessories and colors are two significant factors that add value and balance to anyone’s outfit and serve as a great way to express your fashion sense. Don’t be afraid to wear striking colors; they add a little zest and excitement that I am sure we all could use during this cold winter weather!

How To: Wear any neutral sweater dress and pair it with tights or over-the-knee socks. Any bold color against a more neutral color creates contrast that will make your outfit appear balanced. Booties are essential to this look; however, you could also wear riding boots with knee socks.