ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Little Class With a Touch of Ruff

May 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

Now that the weather is finally warm, the flowers are blooming and the sun is beaming down with a nice breeze blowing through. It seems like the weather has changed the mood around campus as well. Everyone seems happier, especially now that they aren’t walking across campus to get to class in the cold. I know for me, the best part about spring is not having to wear any bulky jackets while rushing from point A to point B. Besides the change in the atmosphere, many students are wearing brighter and lighter colors such as this Fashionista.

I gravitate toward clothes that are brighter or lighter shades of colors during spring and summer. Not only are these colors more fitted for the season, but also wearing black or dark colors can make me feel even hotter during the day since these colors absorb more light. This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for the spring weather. She is wearing a cold shoulder blouse that has ruffles running down from the side. The blouse is very feminine and the open shoulder adds a little trend to it. To pair with her light blue blouse, she has on a pair of white jeans which are usually very popular during this time of the year. As for her shoes, a pair of wedges can never go wrong. Here, she is wearing a pair of suede buckled wedges.

As for accessories, to carry her personal belongings in she has a tan crossbody bag. The woven leather surrounding the edges of the purse gives the bag some texture and accent. The leather strands on the ends of the zippers adds an extra element to the simple design of the purse as well. On her arms, she has two beaded marble bracelets and a dainty gold cuff bracelet. Last but not least, she has a pair of sunglasses to wear if the sun shines.

This Fashionista’s outfit is the ideal outfit for spring, in my opinion. It’s very classy, feminine, and the ruffles give it a little flare. This outfit is great for when you have class but also a lunch date right after and you don’t have the time to change.