ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Headband A Day Keeps The Cold Away

Hat wear is abound this season during the chilly winter months. From fur-lined beanies to baseball caps and all that’s in-between, East Coast residents are doing all they can to stay warm. But what about the idea of less is more? Thick, comfy headbands are both a fashion statement and essential winter accessory. They can be found in an array of styles, from bright colors to funky patterns. When you want to add a little extra sass to your ensemble, this is your ticket to sophistication this season.

Walking among the snow ridden Bostonian brownstones, I came upon this Fashionista rocking a black and white tribal print headband. Utilizing geometrical shapes, this cozy accent serves as the focal point of her outfit. The graphic lines of the piece coalesce to create a unique design aesthetic among a mix of solid, subdued hues. The rest of her ensemble consists of a tailored peacoat and warm wool scarf. Her lace-up ankle boots add a bit of “kick” to her polished look. With a bold lip color and an eye-catching dash of detail, this Fashionista is ready to tackle even the harshest of frosty days.

How To: You can easily re-create this look with a patterned headband similar to the one worn by this Fashionista. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different compositions and tones when it comes to these versatile plush adornments. You can opt for a sleek look, as did this Fashionista, or try for a more casual, sporty style when putting together your ensemble. Either way, you truly can’t go wrong.