Since there are only 24 hours in one day, every second needs to count. It all starts with stepping out at the right moment.

Watches not only help you keep time during your busy schedule; they also make fun and flashy accessories that can be worn anywhere and anytime. There are watches made to accommodate each and everyone’s personal style.

This Fashionista chose a beautiful gold watch from Charlotte Russe to pair with her outfit. The face of the watch omits each number except for the number 12 which gives it a cleaner look and includes three smaller clocks inside to give a helpful add on to those who use military time or goes by other forms of time. Around of the face of the clock is a guide to show minutes. With digital gaining popularity in all aspects of our lives, this style of clock can be seen as a classic.

The watch design is a combination of gold and rhinestone studs going along the wrist in a square pattern.

Along with wearing her H&M floral dress, she accessorizes with a gold floral bracelet from New York & Company, gold earrings from Charlotte Russe and tops it all off with a pair of strap sandals from Old Navy.

How To: You find a gold watch like this from any of your favorite stores that happens to have a wide range of accessories. Or, if you’re feeling thrifty, find a local thrift store and search around! Same goes for the rest of the outfit. Don’t be afraid to search for similar pieces and accessorize as you go to make the look unique to you!