ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Field Jacket Frenzy

In the crazy, 80-degree winter that is tormenting Florida, it is hard to dress like it’s the start of a new year. The new year is a time for new beginnings and fresh new looks. The start of a new semester gives us college kids the opportunity to paint our new styles onto our blank canvases. One of my all time favorite trends for the new year that has found itself in the spotlight recently is the military-esque field jacket look.

These jackets aren’t just for guys—they’re for us ladies, too! This Florida Fashionista’s look is the perfect way to dress for winter while staying cool. Wearing a pair of maroon pants with a cuff to feature her Lucky Brand booties, this look is simple but stylish as it is topped off with a classic field jacket. The jacket is such an important point of this outfit because it adds a different and unique texture while still providing shape to her figure so that it doesn’t look like a baggy hoodie. By styling it with a tank top underneath, it is the perfect outfit for walking to class because it looks like you’re dressed for winter but it won’t make you too hot in the sun. Top it off with a watch and a fun pair of shades and you’ve got a fashionable look with little to no effort.

The field jacket is an easy way to convert your look into one that will appear to be fashion forward as you head into the new year. Whether you’re the bookworm in the front row of the American literature lecture or the bombshell in the back row of astronomy class, this jacket can fit into every look that your Fashionista (or Fashionisto) mind can daydream of. It’s the perfect look for studying in coffee shops or having a day out with friends.

How To: Take a risk and buy the jacket. It may cost more than your typical T-shirt but it is worth the extra dollar! Throw it on over a dress, a cute T-shirt or a button-down shirt. With this classic look the possibilities are endless but you have to take a fashionable step forward and take a risk on the field jacket—you won’t regret it.