ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Blast From The Past

August 18th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Blast From The Past

When people think of trends during the ’90s they often think back to a time where chokers were the prominent accessory worn by almost everyone. Although most people never thought the choker would become trendy again, it is back and better than ever. Today, chokers can be found ultimately everywhere in different patterns, styles and colors. What is great about this is that there is no limitation to the kind of outfit and look wanting to be achieved.

This Fashionista perfectly executes the choker accessory, no doubt about it. By pairing the chunky choker with fashionable yet simple items, there is no attention drawn away from the statement piece. The simplicity of the white bodysuit unquestionably adds to both the choker and the detail of the denim skirt. Not only did this Fashionista accessorize with a choker, she accessorized with a gold watch and earrings to give the look more of an edge. To top off the look, this Fashionista wore black lace-up flats which go perfectly with the black choker and the outfit as a whole.

How To: Don’t feel like you can’t be someone who can rock a choker, anyone can! A choker is the perfect accessory to finish off a well put together outfit, and with many variations of chokers readily available, it is easy to pull off. Make a choker the focal point of your look by paring it with simple clothing items such as a solid color top to go along with your favorite jean or skirt.