From chokers, crop tops and endless references from the movie Clueless, it seems like the ’90s just won’t go away. I don’t know about you, but I am not complaining about it one bit! ’90s fashion is something so unique as well as very versatile. One trend from the ’90s that has been popping up everywhere lately is velvet fabric. Whether it is a velvet dress, jacket or top, it is definitely the texture to have.

On campus this week, this Fashionista was spotted rocking this trend. She has a very black monochromatic look, so she adds some interest to the eye with texture. Over an easy black romper that has this perfect scallop hem, she layers her black velvet button-down. She looks effortlessly sleek, but a tad edgy at the same time. To continue this vibe, she wears some over-the-knee black socks over her black leggings. Then to complete the look, she throws on these killer Dr. Martens with fuchsia ribbon as laces.

I am a huge fan of the subtle use of different textures as key points in an outfit. It really is all about the attention to detail that pulls it all together and in this case that detail is a velvet fabric. This Fashionista proves that channeling some ’90s velvet is an absolute must right now. Whether you are totally Cher from Clueless-inspired or going completely grunge, try adding some velvet in your look. I promise it will give it that extra ’90s flair you were missing!

How To: Going out with some friends to see a rad new band Saturday night? Throw on a little velvet dress and pair it with some knee-high socks. Don’t forget some super cool combat boots! Make sure you switch out the laces with a colorful ribbon just like this Fashionista did.