ALL IN THE DETAILS: '90s Throwback

Whether you like it or not, the ‘90s are making a huge comeback. Some of the latest trends—crop tops, ripped boyfriend jeans, overalls and Dr. Martens—are back and better than ever. One ‘90s trend in particular that girls just can’t get enough of would be chokers. I’m sure some of you may be shocked that such an accessory would be the new “it” piece all over again. I think it’s safe to say that the ‘90s are here to stay.

What’s different the second time around is that the fashion world is taking the choker to a whole other level. With so many different types and styles of chokers—basic, bohemian, metal, elegant—you are sure to find the perfect one for you. Many celebrities are sporting them as well. Rihanna and Rachel Zoe, two very important people in the fashion industry, were spotted wearing them. You will look, as Rachel Zoe would say, “bananas” if you make this fashion statement.

With this hot new trend on the streets, I was extremely excited when I saw this Fashionista totally rocking her choker on the way to class. What I love most about this Fashionista is the fact that she is wearing this with a casual outfit. She paired it with a flannel and some awesome shades. The perfect combination for any cool college student. This Fashionista killed it on a simple Tuesday morning and that is why she deserves the spotlight.

How To: Feel like your look is bland? Want to add a little spunk into your outfit? Don’t have enough jewelry on? Well, grab that perfect choker necklace that you haven’t worn yet and make a statement. You can wear it as casually as this Fashionista did with a flannel and leggings or you can dress it up with a skirt and crop top. Don’t be afraid to pair it with something a bit fancier either. A strapless dress can leave a girl feeling slightly exposed, but the solution can be to add a choker.