ALL IN THE DETAILS: '90s Summer Star

We are now in the 21st century, and like what is said over and over again, fashion repeats itself. It’s pretty evident; from the runway shows (ie. Chanel pre-fall 2014) to the street styles of any urban city. Lately, the fashion of the ’70s and ’90s have been capturing the limelight in the trendsetting fashion world. The fringe on clothes and handbags are inspired by the ’70s, and the chokers and glossy lips are reminiscent of the ’90s.

This outfit is like an imitation of the ’90s style. The look displays simplicity from the contrast of the pastel-colored T-shirt with printed shorts, and chill vibes from the Converse high-top sneakers. Those sneakers are one of the prime focuses of the outfit, along with the socks. I find how the Fashionista styled the crew-length socks with the sneakers so clever because it captures that ’90s vibe. Converse high-top sneakers were a ’90s must-have, as what can be seen by just watching television shows in that decade like FRIENDS, Boy Meets World, or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

To spice things up more, the Fashionista added a sliver star just near her eye. Glitter and sequins was such a big thing from the ’90 to early 2000’s, which is ironic because at the same time, the grunge era of fashion was on the rise as well. The buns, which were pretty much revolutionized by the ever-so-famous Gwen Stefani, brings us back to the ’90s as well. Another thing I absolutely adored about this outfit is the Fashionista’s tattoo. The tattoo is of a fist within the female gender symbol, standing for feminism.

How To: This look is so easy and simple to recreate. I’m a supporter of thrift shopping, so when the Fashionista told me that the shorts and shirt were thrifted, I was surprised. But floral shorts and plain tees can be found in any retail store, such as H&M, Forever 21, etc. But if you’re on a budget, then go ahead and thrift up a pair of cute clothes! As for the Converse High tops, you can purchase them by clicking on this link and the sequin star can be found in your local dollar store in the decoration aisle. Happy shopping/thrifting!