July 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

The classic ’90s pin-up girl look is one that will never go out of style. The ’90s pin-up look exudes sex appeal, but also maintains a classy look at the same time. Examples of pin-ups that are known for their sense of style include a variety of fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe to the modern day Dita Von Teese. Women everywhere still rock the pin-up look that has continued since the 1890s. On campus, there are plenty of girls wearing a shade of red lipstick with their hair pulled up with a thin bandana headband to imitate the pin-up girl look.

Pin-up models are often assumed to be wearing a busty corset top with knee-high socks and red lips. However, there are various ways you can get the pin-up girl look like our Fashionista incorporated the pin-up style with an outfit she can wear to work.

Our Fashionista is wearing a chiffon deep navy dress with white polka-dots and butterfly sleeves from H&M. Her red belt really emphasizes the ’90s look when paired with her flared polka-dot dress. You can find her thin red belt from Nordstrom if you want to add color to your closet and her white vintage designed heels are from BCBGeneration and display the ’90s look to our Fashionista’s outfit.

How To: Don’t be discouraged to add vintage accessories into your wardrobe because of their expensive look. Thrift stores are your best friend when looking for vintage designs without doing close to no damage to your pockets and they also add style to any outfit!