ALL IN THE DETAILS: '90s Inspired Fashion

April 13th, 2017 at 2:00am

Most of the current fashion is revived and reused from the ’90s. During the ’90s, fashion was impeccable and continues to inspire Fashionista’s today.

This Fashionista decided to put a spin on spring fashion, with a ’90s twist. She kept it simple for the most part, wearing a plain white T-shirt but decided to pair it with the classic Adidas sweatpants. Run DMC inspired the Adidas line and the gold chain.

She went up a more delicate alley by wearing a customized gold necklace with her name. Following the white shirt and gold necklace, she stepped it up a notch and wore an army fatigue jacket. This jacket gives a little roughness while also adding some color to the look.

The shoes she decided to wear are none other than the classic Adidas Superstar. These shoes have definitely made their way back into 2017 fashion. They are now available in different colors, so there is a match for almost everyone.

As for her hair, she kept it simple and wore it in a high puff. Embracing her natural hair along with her natural beauty enhances the look even more.

This Fashionista kept it real with herself by wearing no makeup along with staying comfortable in this ’90s inspired outfit. This whole look is affordable and can customized to your liking.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this look! It’s clear that ’90s fashion is making a comeback and is the inspiration for this spring and summer.