ALL IN THE DETAILS: 50 Shades of Gray

As the temperature drops in Bloomington, the coats come off and the Fashionistas come out to play. This Fashionista, found coming off of the bus, was strutting around campus and wearing the quintessential I.U. girl’s outfit.

When you’re a B-Town girl, leggings are the ultimate essential. Often, girls walking around in their lululemon leggings will pair it will a sweatshirt or T-shirt that supports their Greek organization, but this Fashionista takes the leggings up a level. She shows off her personal style by adding a sweater and accessories that make her outfit unique.

The gray knit sweater, when it’s very simple, is another staple in the closet of any aspiring Fashionista. When buying a sweater like this, it’s important to buy one that’s comfortable because it’s such a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in so many different ways.

My favorite part of this outfit has to be the Michael Kors tote bag. I’m a huge fan of big purses and this is one of the most classic, chic bags I’ve seen. I love Michael Kors because it’s an affordable brand for the quality, so this bag is a great investment. I love how this Fashionista used the bag not only as a great accessory, but as a bag to keep her notebook in for class.

The shoes and necklace were a great contrast to the dark shades throughout the outfit. I love that the creme and gold in the necklace match the colors of the shoes. This Fashionista really puts a lot of effort into her everyday outfits and it shows.

How To: Wear your favorite neutral shade and add contrasting colors to mimic this Fashionista’s look.