ALL IN THE DETAIL: The Thing About Rings

February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

As soon as we thought spring was around the corner, another blizzard found its way to Pittsburgh. It makes everything harder to do. Grocery shopping, studying at the library and especially trying to get yourself out of bed for that class that actually takes attendance. If you don’t feel like putting that much effort into your actual clothes, opt for something easier: accessories.

This Fashionista updates her usual all-black outfit with a few pieces that are sure to grab anyones attention. She is wearing a very trendy, flowy lace-up top with simple, black jeans. Her rings are bold, but not overpowering the whole outfit. Try to stick with a neutral color scheme for your look, and add your favorite pops of color to make your accessories really stand out. Try pairing smaller metal rings with a couple jeweled rings.
Another piece that stands out is this Fashionista’s purse. The deep red contrasting the shiny gold is all the glamour you need for the walk to class or even a night out. One thing I’ve noticed on Pitt’s campus is that students aren’t afraid to change up their choice of bag whether it be for class or for a party. Try carrying your books in something other than your backpack, and instantly change your outfit. Some finishing touches to this casual, yet glam outfit include black riding boots and of course the staple item: the black parka.
How to: Find all the rings you have laying around your dorm or apartment and start different combinations until you have a look that is not too much of a hassle, and doesn’t look too flashy for a day at class. I wouldn’t wear more than one full hand of rings. Once you’ve passed that, they can start to get in the way (especially during exams). Overall, I feel like this look can be easily replicated to create a comfy, affordable choice when you just want to hit snooze in the morning. Don’t be afraid to try it!