ALL IN THE DETAIL: Details Speak!

Have you experienced a time when nothing you see interests you? Lately, I have been experiencing fashion fatigue when nothing I see really inspires me. Color-blocking no longer stand out to me. Vintage and hippie became such a common sight that it no longer captivates me. The classic black and white outfits are simply too boring. I realized I want to see something more than an obviously pretty outfit, something hidden but adds character to the outfit. I desire to see something that needs to be discovered and paid attention to in order to be appreciated.

I met this Fashionista on the street and I must admit that I did not pay much attention to her at the first glance. It was just a common color combination of an oversized, long, deep burgundy shirt and a romper. However, when I got closer to her I noticed some little details in her outfit that captured my attention. The black romper is not just a simple romper, it actually comes with a delicate lace lining. The lace lining frames the Fashionista’s neckline, making her look more feminine and sophisticated. To complement the lace design of the romper, the Fashionista added a choker with a very simple design to give the look more depth. To reflect the Fashionista’s unique cultural background, she added a silver ring to wrist bracelet that has unique cultural designs.

The Fashionista was carrying a cross-body bag with gold chain details that enhance the design of the simple black leather bag. The Fashionista finally completed the look with a nude high heel sandal and a hat that adds femininity.

How To: Instead of wearing simple jewelry, show your personality off by putting on jewelry that may contain certain meaning or reflect cultural background.