ALL IN THE DEATAILS: Faux Fur And Fabulous

The latest trend that has been filling our Pinterest boards this fall is all about the fabulous outerwear. Let’s be honest, we have been eyeing fall fashion since September 1st, and the most coveted material seems to be faux fur in vests and coats. The look of fur makes a statement that is classy yet fashion forward. So go ahead, channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and find your favorite faux fur piece. Colors are tending to stay neutral with white, beige and black, but also we can find multi-colored and blush fur as well. This Fashionista looked stunning with her multicolored fur vest; the shades of white and browns are paired to make a wonderful combination that is just perfect for this time of year.

This Fashionista’s look starts off with a classic, felt hat, the burgundy color complements her outfit and neutral tones. Next, her creme chunky sweater keeps her warm through Iowa’s brutal, cold winters, while staying true to her chic look. To make her outfit stand out, she pairs her faux fur vest to perfectly add some contrast to her look. The slim pair of skinny jeans keeps the focus of the outfit on the vest, while flattering her legs at the same time. To finish this look this Fashionista adds light olive ankle booties, and you guessed it; more accessories. Her classic bangles, statement necklace and Steve Madden shoulder bag make this outfit complete.

How To: To find the perfect vest, you don’t have to look far there are plenty of options and vary in price range as well. You can decide to save or splurge; but, to be honest I don’t think anyone can tell. Most importantly, wear your faux fur with confidence and don’t be afraid to rock it because honey you’re oh so #RAD.