ALL IN TH DETAILS: Button-down to Dress it Up

Sadly, it is that time of summer again. The school year is quickly approaching and with that can definitely come mixed emotions: sadness for the fun summer days ending mixed with excitement of the possibilities that this new school year could bring. Now, being Fashionistas and Fashionistos, we all know what one of the most important things when going back to school is, right? No, not new classes or that three ring binder at Staples but clothes, clothes and more clothes! I have always seen a new school year as the opportunity to revamp my wardrobe and go for different staple pieces that could bring my outfits up a notch. However, when I have spoken with my male friends, they have made it apparent to me that guys don’t always think this way. They have informed me that all they need is a T-shirt and shorts and they are good to go.

This Fashionisto is living proof that swapping out that T-shirt for a crisp button-down can take the outfit from simple to chic. A nice button-down can work for any occasion be it class, work, fraternity rush events or even a date with that cute girl from your Psych class. This Fashionisto is pulling off his casual daytime look while pairing his white Ralph Lauren button-down with a pair of J.Crew blue and white seersucker shorts. He continued his preppy look when it came to his accessories by adding a silver watch, Sperry Top-Siders and Ray-Ban wayfarers. Now don’t get me wrong, to get this put together look, your button-down of choice does not have to be white. There are so many options out there from striped, to checkered to wild prints! Any of these are guaranteed to have you looking sharp for that first day of school.

How To: Wake up for class a little late and not sure what to wear? Skip that T-shirt and throw on a classic button-down to trick your classmates into thinking you weren’t at the library till three in the morning. Toss on whatever shorts or pants you see fit and you’ll be ready to take on the day in style!