ALL IN DETAILS: Viva La Velvet

In these extremely cold months, it is not hard to fall into the habit of only wearing sweaters and hoodies for the sake of warmth. It is human instinct to bundle up to shield from the cold. Even though it is cold, you can still find space in your warm wardrobe for new trends.

This Fashionista is rocking a very chic velvet crop top. Velvet is a very beautiful material that adds style to any outfit. The rest of the outfit was kept simple with high-waisted jeans, a super warm olive jacket and black Mary Jane flats. The accessories were kept at a minimum to keep focus on the top. Velvet has been making an appearance a lot lately in many outfits, but what really makes this unique is the floral pattern on the velvet top. The incorporation of velvet makes the outfit extremely eye-catching, while the rest of the outfit is fairly simple. This Fashionista’s outfit is stylish but not overwhelming.

This outfit proves that you can be both trendy and warm while walking on campus during these cold months. It is good to try out different patterns, but also try different materials to add a twist to any of your winter outfits.

How To: When experimenting with velvet, you’re not just limited to tops. There are velvet accessories, pants, leggings and much more! Don’t limit yourself to just solid pieces. As you can see, this Fashionista implemented a bold pattern in her velvet look. Use velvet to add edge to your outfits, and just have fun expanding your wardrobe with a different material.