ALL IN DETAILS: Little Fierce Dress

The first thing that came to my mind when I came across this Fashionista was a saying I hear my friends say often, “Don’t let the clothes wear you, you wear the clothes.” The way she carried herself was unreal. As I saw her walking down the sidewalk, I thought of a model stomping down the runway.

This Fashionista’s ensemble exhibited major summer 2015 trends. Her attire as a whole had the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity. As a Fashionisto myself, I value this very much; I believe that there should always be some sort of balance within any given outfit. For this particular ensemble, the elegance came from her subtle makeup and almost naturally wavy hair. The simplicity came from her little fierce dress.

This Fashionista paired her dress with a pair of beige, laced, thigh-high boots. This type of boot is very popular among celebrities, such as the Kardashian sisters. As for accessories, this Fashionista wore round, oversized sunglasses. To finish the ensemble, she carried a fabulous, beige, skull and diamond studded clutch. The clutch effortlessly matched her shoes and made her outfit more fierce as well as cohesive.

How To: Interested in looking fierce like this Fashionista? It’s much easier than you may think. To recreate this look, you’ll need a mini dress of any color (a bold and bright color will work best). You’ll also need to pull out your favorite pair of statement boots. They don’t need to be laced or thigh-high like this Fashionista’s, but something eye-catching will do the trick. Lastly, don’t forget about accessories! Bring out your favorite sunglasses and favorite clutch to match your boots and you’re ready to go!