ALL IN DETAILS: How The Outfit Got Its Spots

There’s no denying that this winter season, camel colored anything has taken over! In No. 21’s recent 2015 fall ready-wear-collection, camels and neutrals took front and center. There is no getting rid of them. Fashionistas/os love their neutrals! While neutrals can be very fashionable and blend effectively with other colors, on the flip side they can sometimes make your outfit look washed out. The best way to avoid a washed out ensemble is by bringing different textures and patterns in your clothing.

This Fashionista has paired a pattern beautifully with her winter ensemble, allowing her to still wear her neutrals, but also spice up the dull colors of her ensemble. This Fashionistas’s cheetah print oxfords are paired wonderfully with her camel, earth tone ensemble. Her shoes not only go well with the color scheme of her ensemble, but they also become an eye-popping piece because of the color scheme. Confusing? I know. Just know that patterns and textures can make a huge difference.

Aside from the beautifully paired patterning of this Fashionista’s ensemble, her gray hat and scarf set create a very nice color contrast to her long camel peacoat. I must say she looks very fashionably warm as well as fashionably comfy. I would suggest this as a great on-the-run outfit. Whether you have class or your making your way to the nearest grocery store, why not turn heads at all times?

How To: Perhaps you aren’t the pattern type of gal/guy. Try, sprucing up your ensemble with crocodile textured oxfords, or a simple speckled texture.