5 Unique Vacation Destinations You Can Actually Afford To Go To

Summer is the most beloved time of year. The season is prime for beach days and long weekend getaways. But as college students, traveling seems nearly impossible because of the expense (curse you minimum wage!). Even though we might not be able to trek off to Italy or Australia, that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little bit of traveling.

Whether you decide to pack up the car and go on a road trip or scour for cheap flights across the country, here are a few (affordable) cities to consider checking out.

(Photo via @the__gabb)

Washington, D.C. While the hotels may a bit pricey, there’s always hostels! And the price your housing can be offset by spending your days at the National Mall, Smithsonian, or National Zoo—all of which are free!

New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans can be a nit hectic (and pricey) around Mardi Gras, but during the rest of the year, the culturally rich city is fairly affordable, and comes with delicious Cajun restaurants and all sorts of entertainment.

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Savannah, Georgia. As a town filled with southern-fried kitchens, historic architecture, and ghost tours, Savannah is quirky and fun at its finest and serves as a great destination for anyone interested in spending some time in the good ol’ southern USA.

Nashville, Tennessee. Often known as the birthplace of American music, Nashville is filled with music history, southern culture, and more. If you’re a fan of country music and barbecue than this is the place for you.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although, Philadelphia doesn’t have the same expanse of American monuments as D.C., there is certainly plenty of US history to see. Add that to the city’s growing entertainment district, makes an affordable but enjoyable vacation. (Bonus: If you go before June 11th, you can catch the Chinese Lantern Festival at Franklin Square).

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What are some of your favorite vacation destinations? Share with us in the comments below!