These Are the Clothing Stores I Shop At When I Don't Want to Make a Dent in My Bank Account

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Being obsessed with clothes is a real struggle when you’re lacking in the money department. As someone who constantly wants the newest trends but also has to worry about paying for tuition, it can get quite frustrating, especially when I see all the best pieces being sold for far more than I can afford. However, I’ve discovered a way to still continue this passion for fashion without making a huge dent in my bank account. Many clothing stores have understood that their main consumers are students like us who won’t spend $150 on a pair of jeans, so their prices have adjusted accordingly. The best part? A lot of these stores are more outside the box, carrying way better finds than what the typical stores like Forever 21 and H&M carry. Keep reading to see the ultimate list of 10 affordable clothing stores that I constantly look to while waiting for my next paycheck. And of course, it will keep one thing certain: you don’t need loads of money to be stylish.


Price range: $5 — $60

Products: Basics for all occasions and genders

UNIQLO is my go-to destination if I’m in search of a basic tee for the summer or a reliable turtleneck come winter. It carries the same simplistic vibe that Everlane does, but without the heavy prices, making it a store I can always rely on.


Price range: $5 — $345

Products: Trendy clothing and accessories for men and women

This online shop has never failed me, as they carry practically everything a fashion-obsessed college student could ever need. Ranging from simple tops and dresses for a day in to more upscale items for a night out, ASOS will always be there for all my style needs when I don’t have the funds.


Price range: $9 — $250

Products: European statement pieces for men and women

I discovered Mango when shopping in London, and upon finding out that there were also stores in America and online, my entire shopping world changed. If you’re looking for pieces that look like they came straight off the Parisian runway for a tiny portion of that price, Mango is guaranteed to fulfill all your fashion needs.


Price range: $18 — $188

Products: Playful pieces perfect for any sorority function

Being in a sorority and having to constantly get new clothes for events can be tricky, but all my Greek life friends swear by Tobi to save funds when searching for outfits. This inexpensive online shop that sells anything ranging from crop tops to mini dresses to swimsuits also typically has really good sales, like their 50% off sitewide sale happening this week. Even if you’re like me and don’t go to Greek life functions every week, this brand will still be sure to keep your summer fun, stylish, and, most importantly, affordable.

& Other Stories

Price range: $4 — $295

Products: High fashion clothing, beauty, and accessories for women

Owned by H&M, this store is one level departing from the more well-known store, as all of the pieces look surprisingly expensive for how much they really are. & Other Stories always knows to keep up with the latest trends all around the world and give it their own twist while still making them fairly affordable. I always browse their products when I need a wardrobe upgrade and want to treat myself, as it’s a bit pricier than the other stores I’ve mentioned.


Price range: $9 — $50

Products: Intimates, swimwear, and athletic wear for women

Ever since Aerie stopped retouching their models and started being inclusive to all body types, I haven’t been able to shop for underwear anywhere else. Their extremely affordable prices always keep me coming back, too—you can always buy seven pairs of undies for $29, and they constantly have a sale on their stylish swimsuits.

Brandy Melville

Price range: $18 — $55

Products: LA-inspired basics for women

When I’m in need of simple tops for summer, I always head over to Brandy Melville. All of their pieces are not only insanely affordable, but they also carry the perfect amount of California vibes to make the heat more bearable. Apart from cotton tops, they also sell the cutest mini dresses and the most on-trend pants, making you look like you came straight out of Malibu.

Nasty Gal

Price range: $24 — $120

Products: Bold, vintage-inspired clothing for women

Nasty Gal started with vintage clothes, and although it now sells its own line, the inexpensive pieces sold by the brand all look like they instead came from a trendy thrift shop in California. I shop here for their statement tops, but others flock to the store for their huge line of graphic tees and unique dresses.


Price range: $9 — $129

Products: Affordable, on-trend clothing for men, women, and children

Anyone who is somewhat interested in fashion should be familiar with Zara, aka the clothing brand that practically every person that works in the industry shops at when wanting to save some dollars. They are constantly refreshing their inventory to make sure every piece is reflecting the best, cool-girl trends and their seasonal sales (like the one going on now through July) can make you buy an outfit that looks like it cost triple for what you actually paid.


Price range: $10 — $250

Products: Runway-ready clothing for women

Topshop always continues to impress me, as they manage to create the cutest and most refreshing designs while still staying at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for statement pieces that resemble looks from an NYFW street style blog, this will become your new favorite place, especially if you’re on a budget.

What are your favorite affordable clothing stores to shop at? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening image by Cat Aucker.